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Scent, Nose Work, Tony Gravley



***  WIN CASH!!  ***

Your dog has 4 minutes to find an unknown number of hides (1-10) in 100 containers.

Sign up for the morning challenge (8-12) or the afternoon challenge (1-5).


Each challenge is limited to 40 competitors.
Odors used are Birch, Anise, Clove (prepared for AKC Scent Work)


  • No multiple dogs per handler (1 dog per handler per run)
  • 4 minutes search, NO 30 second warning
  • One (1) incorrect Alert call allowed (5 fault points)
  • Multiple faults


  • 1st incorrect Alert (5 fault points)
  • Any container moved out of position (1 fault point)
  • Any container damaged (2 fault point)
  • Handler dropping food (1 fault point)
  • Handler touching container (1 fault point)
  • Repeat Alert on already found container (1 fault point)

Non-Qualifying Faults:

The following behaviors will result in a non-qualifying performance.

  • The handler calls “a 2nd Alert” on an incorrect container.
  • The handler calls “Finish” before all hides have been located.
  • The maximum time for the search is exceeded.
  • The handler is not able to point to the correct container when asked by the judge.
  • Any harsh handling or harsh corrections by the handler.
  • Dog eliminates in the search area.


The top three (3) performing qualifying teams shall be awarded placements 1-3. Placements are based on fewest number of faults, and then on time.

1st place wins 40% of entry fees collected

2nd place wins 20% of entry fees collected

3rd place wins 10% of entry fees collected

Be sure to register for the correct challenge – morning and/or afternoon.  Entries will not be accepted until May 26th.